Yesterday I was up bright and early for a panty and lingerie photo shoot and the prospects of a good day ahead after a lovely evening of great company the night before to find sunshine pouring through my skylight!

Could this be it? Are we one step closer to that all elusive spring that keeps teasing us?

As I took a taxi to south London I passed Buckingham Palace which looked glorious with the sunshine gleaming down on the old majestic building and felt a surge of energy. The cab driver was in top form as we drove through the crowds of awaiting tourists all hoping to get a glimpse of royalty I felt happy to be part of London's dwellers and even opened the window to soak up the vibe.

dirty used panties
Used Panties

Spring was certainly closer and it seemed I wasn't the only one feeling upbeat at the prospects of leaving the bitter cold and gray behind us. As always I had my sexiest, finest panties on underneath my clothes so I felt especially good. Yeah, that's my crazy little secret — wearing sexy lingerie, hidden from the world and knowable by only me always makes me feel special and a little mischievous. From my days escorting I learned that many men are captivated by lingerie in general, and the panty in particular. In fact, so many guys get so excited by women's undergarments I started selling my used, dirty panties.

Yes, you read that right. There's something about a pair of panties, that have been worn by a hot woman (that's me!) and are unwashed and still a little dirty and a little wet that absolutely drives many men crazy. So, why not give men what they want, and make a few dollars in the process? Capitalism at its finest I say! You can buy just about everything online nowadays, and now that means you can buy worn panties on the web as well. The Perfect Panty Pantry sells dirty, used panties from their online store.

There is something quite exhilarating knowing that the dark days are over and new brighter ones are to come and London really is a special place to be when the weather gods are kind to us.

With the clocks going forward and the knowledge that soon we can all frolic in the park with lighter evening my sex drive has gone through the roof and my shoot was a fun experience with anticipation of a new season and some new snaps to add to my site.